Work History


APR 2023 - Current

Contracted by NTT Data to help deliver a new platform for UBS bank. This platform is to help internal users perform risk calculations on various trade patterns before putting them through. This project is using Axure as the design library has been built using it previously. We are also looking at creating a new design guide linbary in Figma and morphing over to that in the future.

MAR 2022 - MAR 2023

Working on a new Investor App platform that will allow consumers to sign up and view events hosted by FTSE100 companies and beyond. UX Wireframing and UI across Figma, user flows, mapping out requirements with Key Stakeholders and BA’s. In addition, improvements across other platforms used by the company, such as Reuters News feeds, and marketing content.

JUL 22 - MAR 22

This was my second stint at this ageny (See below under VCCP entry, company rebranded to a new name) I was back working on the O2 project, primarily across their customer facing website and consumer instore kiosks. I worked on projects for Recycling handsets, and allowing customer to trade in their phones for a new one using a new initiative called "Switch Up" This involed creating custoemr journey maps, user flows, artboards in sketch and testing and validating the results. 

SEPT 2021 - JUL 2022

Employed as a UX designer to help undertake a large-scale Insurance product for Brokers and Underwriters to use across the London Insurance market. This was the highest profile and complex UX task I have undertaken, understanding how brokers and underwriters work together to insure anything from fleets of cars, ships to oil fields. We had to design a system that could be used for negotiation and back and forth between the 2 parties, allowing users to set up profiles, manage teams, send quotes for approval to senior brokers. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this project all work is under NDA, references can be obtained. I worked alongside other UX designers and UI team. Having fortnightly sprints with PO’s and Stakeholders across the various companies insuring and underwriting the current business.

FEB 2020 - MAR 2023 (2 Different stints throughout this time)

Working exclusively on a transformation project for O2, the project is a total redesign of the responsive website catering for mobile, tablet and web. I work primarily on the MY02 side, which caters for customers viewing and paying their bills, adding boltons, upgrading handsets, managing of spendcaps and insurance products and other such tasks. The majority of the work is done through Sketch, and interactive prototypes are created through Axure to help demo complex journeys to stakeholders. Remote testing is being conducted to help validate results and customers’ expectations

MAR 2019 - FEB 2020

Work on both website and mobile app journeys for customers, I have been involved in 2 main projects so far, 1 for delivering Photo ID into customer checkout, and the other for helping to deliver Three’s 5G mobile network proposition, for both Mobile and Home Broadband journeys. I work as part of an Agile team delivering change every month to our platforms, each sprint is allocated user testing resource where I conduct either in store or external based testing on customers, I provide feedback to the team and make recommendations, I help play these back to stakeholders in an interactive prototype view to help visualize our goals and showcase how we are constantly improving.

APR 2018 - MAR 2019

Bringing the Barclaycard app functionality into the main Barclays App. Workshops, UX design and Prototyping. I also have designed other the homepage as part of the project along with the new transaction pages. Other work included application flows for credit card journeys 

APR 2017 - MAR 2018

Working exclusively with a varirty of clients such as Severn Trent Water, Serco and ARM. UX Design, Interactive Prototypes, Customer research, user testing, User journeys

JAN 2016 - MAR 2017

At O2 I have worked on a number of initiatives including enhancements to our checkout journey, such as offering customers a wider range of choice and deals through promotions such as recycling and buying out their contract. Our NSPCC charity redesign, along with Christmas and Black Friday promotional activity. There has been a real focus on user research and testing throughout my role, both in house using guerrilla testing, and external lab testing. I have run these sessions collating feedback and making recommendations based upon it

APR 2015 - DEC 2015

At Volkswagen Financial Services I designed the user journey for the new B2B online sales platform the business will roll out to all the dealerships in the country, this includes the VW, Audi & Porsche Brands. The system is being redesigned from the ground up, to include things such as quoting system, added on sales, financial services and the ability for the employees to tracks sales all the way through the system from quote to payout, resolving any issues with customer information and underwriting that are needed.  This has been a large scale project that has needed research into the current application and sitting down with the staff in the dealership and researching their key needs for what is required.

MAY 2013 - MAR 2015

During my time at Dixons Retail Group I have I wored on both Curry’s and PC world Platforms. I was responsible for our UX designers and worked along side our key stakeholders as well as Marketing and customer insight teams. My role was mainly responsible for shaping how our websites should look moving forward, looking at new emerging technologies, key areas for improvement, and what is coming out in the industry. I also looked after day to day BAU activities and work along side our Analytics team to measure performance.

APR 2008 - MAY 2013

My main task at ING has been overseeing the front end streams and 3 re-brands since my time here. Each rebrand involved mocking up relevant wireframes followed by extensive user testing in each part of development. It was my job working with the marketing and design studios, along with key stakeholders. As well as this delegating the work to development teams and taking ownsership from start to end of the project lifecycle. Post launch A/B testing, optimisation and user feedback is always carried out.

PRE 2008
Front end Website design for a variety of different clients both in permanent and contract positions. Full details can be provided upon request