Severn Trent Water

Employee Portal

Customer Move in/out

Customer Move in/out

Client: Severn Trent Water

Project Definition:

To create an employee user journey and designs to allow agents to move customers in and out of properties

Tools Used:

Axure, Sketching

Project details:

Severn Trent Water used an old 90s system called Target, which was esentially a Database tool to manage customers accounts. As part of a big initative to bring some of their processes up to date, a program was launched to allow agents to manage customers accounts using a browser based dashboard.

My job was to design a process to allow agents to move customers In and out of properties, to and from their jurisdictional area, this included the following complexities 

  • Customers Moving Into the area
  • Customers Moving out of the area
  • Customers moving to a different property within the same area

On top of this there are the following scenarios involved with different types of property such as

  • Metered properties
  • Unmetered Properties
  • Assessed properties

In addition customers could be on various payment plans and in financial difficulty, so I had to ensure that their needs were met and that compliants would not arise from agents making mistakes in the form.

  • Identify current limitation of the current system used by agents

  • understand the agents needs and their frustrations from using it
  • Create user journeys with "Champion agents" assigned by the business to help provide input into business requirements
  • Create new and improved process journey maps
  • Create an interactive prototype for agents to use
  • Run testing sessions on a weekly basis within their call centre to gain feedback and ensure the journey was fit for purpose
  • Work with the development team to ensure no corners were cut in building the finished prototype.

Journey Maps

STW Workshop Post It Session.
moveout Process-STW
Interactive Prototype

After understanding the amount of data an agent has to go through, I decided upon creating a standard process the agents could follow. It  became clear each agent either performed a move in journey or a move out journey first, this led to complications and errors happening in the background. By following a clear journey it gave context to where the agent was in the journey, and what they needed to do next. The first step would be to ascertain what the customer wanted to do, upon selecing Move Out/In they would be presented with the following screen



Once the agent had understood the customers needs, and selected the relevant journey, the rest of the page would be built with the appropriate accordions beneath.


Agents would carry on completing the form entering all the information where appropriate, inline validation on form fields would hightlight any issues that needed resolving


Iconography to help quickly select options when setting up paymnt plans


Throughout the journey as the agent completes each accordion, I created a summary section on the right hand side, this helped the agent recap or double check anything they needed to, web agents could be handing 2-3 customers at any one time, so it was important they could summarise anything they needed to.

Axure Files

The axure files or links can be requested for any demonstration of thought process and knowedlge of the tool.