Employee vehicle management

Employee Dashboard

Employee Dashboard

Client: Volkswagen - 2015

Project Definition:

Create a dashboard and user journeys for employees to manage vehicle finance through the various stages of the journey. This includes showroom staff generating vehicle quotes for customers, then allowing the agents to manage the process all the way through underwriting, legal, and completion. Keeping track of any changes to vehicle specification.

Tools Used:

Axure, Adobe Suite.

Project details:

I worked within a team of Developers as the only UX resource, I worked along side BA's to gather the requirements and put them into an interactive prototype which was showcased to a select group of agents to gather feedback on.

This was a tablet/desktop solution which was being delivered. The axure files are available at request. Unfortunately 10 months into the project it was cancelled. This was a decisions made higher up the chain, due to the emissions scandal at the time it was neccessary to havea global review of projects and cull them in order to save money

Assets that were being worked on at the time below